Always in control with the My Fruit App

Do you know the feeling that when you are not around your fruit, you still want to know what happens in the CA storage room(s)? Or do you still walk around the cold stores in the late evening hours for a final check? Then you are not alone. Many growers want security when it comes to their precious fruit.

At Van Amerongen we therefore not only move with the times, but we also dare to think a few steps ahead. That is why we introduced the My Fruit App a few years ago, which you, as the owner of a My Fruit system, can use.

With the My Fruit App, you are always and everywhere connected to your fruit; you can follow live what is happening in your CA storage room(s)!

What information can you find in the App?

The information that is visible in the My Fruit App is different per user. This depends on the installation and the type of sensors installed in your CA room(s). Assuming that the room is equipped with all sensors, you could watch the current temperature, CO2%, O2%, C2H4 (ethylene)% and RH% in the room.

In addition, you will also find in the App whether an alarm is active in one of your rooms. And if so, which alarm is activated. You will even receive a push notification of this on your phone. And if you want to solve an alarm or adjust the value in your CA room(s), in most cases you can easily do it yourself via Teamviewer.

How can I use the App?

Do you have a My Fruit control system, but don’t you use App yet? Then you can easily download it in the App Store or Google Play. As soon as you have installed the My Fruit App on your smartphone or tablet, you can log in with the login details you have received from us.

Any questions?

Please contact your installer, or ask your question on the forum to read the experiences of other users.