Automate storage with CA flex

Automation flexible storage protocols

To ensure the best possible quality of your fruit, the storage protocol must be carried out correctly.

In some cases, this concerns a protocol with different target values ​​of O2, CO2, Temperature or Relative humidity divided over periods. You can choose to manually change the target values ​​per time slot, which is sometimes prone to errors, is forgotten and/or can be time-consuming. You can also choose to use a flexible protocol that can be fully automated with the CA flex function in My Fruit.


What is CA flex?

CA flex is an optional function in the My Fruit control system with which you can put complete flexible storage protocols in the system in advance. The function gives the option to create different time slots within the storage period (this can be several hours, days or an entire storage season) in which the different target values ​​of O2, CO2, Temperature or Relative can be assigned. The system then completes the standard protocol independently and can easily be monitored via the CA flex Registration.


For the application of CA flex, the following situations can be considered:

  • Wanting to lower the temperature step by step (for example by one-tenth of a °C per day from 6 to 4 °C);
  • Wanting to reduce oxygen step by step (possibility to also reduce CO2);
  • Applying variation in temperature for more moisture release;
  • The application of a week of Swing dynamic storage, whereby, for example, in a four-week protocol in the first 3 a lower target value is used than in the fourth week.


How does it work?

As soon as CA flex is activated in the My Fruit system, the function becomes visible in the cell overview and is ready to be set. After a CA flex protocol has been created, it can be saved and easily reused or exported to other rooms.


To set up CA flex, the following 7 steps must be completed:

Step 1: Go to the cell settings and select the CAflex tab.

Step 2: Name the protocol.

Step 3: Enter the maximum duration of the retention protocol.

Step 4: Select the desired unit on which you want to control (O2, CO2, Temperature or Relative humidity).

Step 5: By using the + button, the different target values ​​can be set with the desired duration. Each step must be included separately.

Step 6: Save the protocol and export the function to be able to use the protocol in other rooms.

Step 7: From the cell overview you can start the flexible protocol.


Questions and experiences

Do you have any questions about CA flex or would you like to share your experiences? Then visit the Forum on CA flex here (Forum> Operating system> CA flex).

Do you not yet have the CA flex function? Please contact Van Amerongen of your installer.