Delta (T) set temperature sensors

As a grower, you know that temperature plays an important role during the storage of your fruit. The temperature in your room should therefore be as equal as possible in all places. For example, if a part of your fruit is kept more than half a degree above the optimum temperature, this fruit will breathe a little faster, resulting in faster ripening, thus loss of moisture, thus quality and weight loss. However, within the room there is always some difference in the temperature of your fruit. The aim is therefore to limit the difference to a maximum of 0.5 degree Celsius between the warmest and coldest place in your room.

By properly positioning the temperature sensors in your CA room, My Fruit can help you expose any differences in temperature within your CA room, so you can take action. If there is a temperature difference, this often is related to something about the air circulation within your room. This may be less optimal due to, for example, the way of stacking, the type of boxes used or the adjustment of your cooling.

How do you set the Delta (T)?

Within My Fruit you can set the delta (T) or “the maximum difference in temperature” per sensor at “for activation alarm”. This means that if one of the sensors measures a greater difference between the target value and the set delta (T), the My Fruit system will trigger an alarm.
You can determine the Delta (T) yourself based on the type of fruit, your target values, your own experience or the advice of an expert.
And if you want to be notified immediately, you can also choose to have the system send an email or text message under “Alarmtype” if the difference is too big.

Any questions?

Please contact your installer or post your question on the forum to read the experiences of other users.