How do I keep my data, registrations and settings safe in My Fruit?

As a user of the My Fruit control system, you collect and enter a lot of valuable data in your system. This way your system is full of important information about your fruit, advanced storage protocols, settings and data, which in some cases has taken several years to collect or to develop further.

It is therefore very important to back up your system regularly. This way you can safely store it on the hard drive or in the cloud. In case of an emergency, all your data is easy to retrieve and you don't have to manually enter all the settings again.

How do I back up my Fruit system?

The answer to this question is quite simple and you can read it here! The moment your system leaves Van Amerongen, we always make a backup for you by ourselves. If something ever happens to your My Fruit system, we can always easily reset your basic settings. Of course, your system is constantly collecting new important data, protocols are adapted, added and settings changed over time. If you don't want to lose it, you can take advantage of the automatic backup feature in My Fruit. Here you can make a backup yourself or set your My Fruit system to do this automatically for you periodically!

This function can be found by pressing the “Report” icon in My Fruit. This will take you to the page where you can set how often your system must makes a backup, under what name you want it saved and where you want to keep it.

All data and settings are backed up and stored on your system's hard drive. You can put this data back into your system yourself or with the help of our service technicians.

Digital data service

However, a hard drive never lasts forever and can get full when there is too much data on it, become outdated or no longer work due to external factors such as lightning impact or exposure to excessive voltage. That is why many customers use our Digital Data Service. This allows us to store all your data 100% securely in the cloud, immediately restart the system through remote support and scan your system to discover and solve possible risks in advance.

Any questions?

Please contact your installer or post your question on the forum to read the experiences of other users.