Pay attention! Frost

  1. Frozen compressed air lines due to moisture in the compressed air circuit
  2. Cell valves of the CO2 Adsorber installation pipes that may get stuck due to frost
  3. Measuring lines that can freeze over due to frost, causing a flow alarm

We would therefore advise you to be extra alert to this in order to prevent possible problems in advance.
We hope to have informed you sufficiently. If you have any further questions, you can always contact our service department.

Considerations: Make sure that the compressed air, which operates the valves on the cells and in the machine, is dry so that it cannot freeze. Discharge moisture from the air compressor by means of open or turn the tap on the bottom of the air compressor (depending on the version)
Many customers have an automatic drain, this is normally not necessary here. However, it can be checked with the test button, for example. The test button can be found on the automatic drain, under the compressor (see video from 1:24).

It is also possible that the cell valve freezes due to possible moisture from a cell. This can occur in severe frost in attics that are not insulated. In this case the valve could be defrosted with an external heat source such as an electric heater.

Tips: Take extra manual measurements in the coming days to check that the ULO / CA installation is still functioning properly.