The end of the “S” series control systems. What does this mean to you?

From 1992 to 2012, the VA measurement and control systems were equipped with the well-known “S” series microprocessors. This well-known series is coming to an end as parts are outdated and are no longer produced. This means that this older generation of microprocessors is slowly being phased out. We think it is very important to keep you well informed about the End of Life approach.

As an alternative, we have been offering the My Fruit control system since 2013. My Fruit focuses on user-friendliness and remote accessibility via smartphone App, tablets and the PC. Fast, Simple and Secure. My Fruit offers optimal integration of the cooling system and CA system. The software is constantly updated with the latest applications and user-friendly improvements.

My Fruit systems offers the most advanced and innovative solutions for conditioning the storage rooms for CA storage. My Fruit is very user-friendly, provides readable information in tables and graphs, and it is easy to log in by the user or the VA remote service desk.

If you want to have the operating system converted, we can do this quickly and easily in 5 steps:

  • Remove old components
  • Customize the door
  • Install new components
  • Adjust cabling
  • Testing / Delivering

If the conversion is carried out between November 1 and May 31, you will receive a free personal oxygen meter.

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