What to do with your CA installation if the rooms are empty?

At many growers, most CA rooms are currently empty until all the fruit can be removed from the field again. But what should you do with your CA installation in the meantime? You can read the answer to this question below.

PSA N2 generator and CO2 Adsorber

When the storage season comes to an end, everyone is quickly inclined to switch off all machines with the main switch to save power in this way. You can also do this with your PSA N2 generator and CO2 Adsorber (unless My Fruit is built in), but this is not optimal for all systems.


All our machines are built to last as long as possible and to provide the capacity you need. To achieve this, the VPSA is programmed in such a way that it smartly cleans its CMS through vacuuming. In this way, your VPSA monitors the quality of the CMS and therefore the capacity of the machine even better. Every VPSA is set to do this automatically once a week. Both during storage and at rest. We therefore advise you not to switch off the VPSA together with the connected compressor after the storage season.

My Fruit

Most My Fruit systems are also set to calibrate once a week. Make sure that you close the calibration gas bottle after storage so that it does not use calibration gas unnecessarily. Don't forget to open the bottle again for the new season!

With the above tips you ensure that the energy consumption of your installation remains low and you keep your installation as optimal as possible for the next storage season!

Any questions?

Please contact your installer or post your question on the forum to read the experiences of other users.