Calibration temperature (T) sensor


To perform reliable temperature measurements, it is important that the temperature (T) sensors in your cells are properly calibrated. This way you can always be sure that the sensors always measure the correct temperatures, which is very important for the proper storage of your fruits.

Watch the video to see step by step and get an explanation of how to calibrate a temperature sensor correctly.

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1) Fill a thermos for 50% with water. Then add the ice cubes and wait until the water has cooled down to 0 Celsius.

2) Calibrate the temperature sensors by comparing the temperature values with the temperature value of an external temperature sensor measured in ice water.

3) If there is a deviation> 0.1 Celsius, the temperature sensor offset must be corrected in the My Fruit system.



  • Thermos (50% filled with water)
  • Sensor holder
  • External temperature meter
  • Ice blocks


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