Calibration VA22/VA17 handheld meter


We recommend that you measure the cold stores by hand at least twice a week and compare them with your automatic measuring system.

It is important that your handheld meter is correctly calibrated in order to measure the correct oxygen and CO2 concentration in your rooms. Calibrating a VA22 and a VA17 handheld meter is done in the same way.

Watch the video to see step-by-step how to calibrate a handheld meter.

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1) Always calibrate your handheld meter with ambient air. This should be set to 20.8% to 21% oxygen and 0.04% CO2 (if your handheld meter shows 1 decimal place, adjust to 0.0%).

2) Then calibrate your handheld meter with your calibration gas bottle (in this example 0% O2 and 2.5% CO2). This must then be set to 0% oxygen and 2.5% CO2.

3) Then check whether the values (ambient air) measured in point 1 are still correct.

Pay attention! The rule is that you start by adjusting the low value with the zero for each gas (CO2 / O2) and only after that the high value with the span.



  • Matching screwdriver
  • Matching hose
  • Calibration gas bottle
  • Plastic bottle (moisture-free)


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