Flow alarm on multiple rooms


When your system indicates a flow alarm, this means that the air flow of the air drawn in is not correct during measurement. During measurement and calibration, the air flow should be approximately 1 liter per minute. If this is not the case, the system will indicate a flow alarm. The air flow can be read on the flow meter on the front of your control cabinet.

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When the system indicates a flow alarm on several rooms at the same time or when there is no suction from the control cabinet, this means in most cases that the problem is in the cabinet and you can check your system for the following points:

1) Is the moisture separator properly closed?

2) Check if the microfilter or moisture filter is dirty and may need to be replaced.

3) Check if no hoses are kinked in the measuring circuit of the control cabinet.

4) Check the operation of the measuring pump. It may not be powered.


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