How to check an under/over pressure safety device


When your under/over pressure safety device have not been moving for a long time, it can sometimes happen that the valves stick to the rubber.

It is very important that the valves are working properly to ensure that no over or under pressure can form in your cell during cooling or defrosting operations. Therefore, before the start of the storage season and between times, check once or twice whether the valves are still working properly. It is important that the valve does not stick to the rubber.

Watch the video to see step by step how to check the under/over pressure safety device.

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1) You can easily check this by manually opening the valves and feeling if the valves are not resisting and by feeling that the rubbers are not sticky.

2) If this is the case, you can lubricate the rubber with talcum powder. This ensures that the rubbers no longer offer resistance and that the valves can function properly again.



  • Talcum powder (if needed)

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