Measuring tap and cell feedthrough check


A measuring tap and a cell feedthrough are mounted on each storage room. These are usually mounted on the front or on the ceiling of the storage room. The measuring tap and throughput are intended to measure the gas density of the room and to be able to carry out a manual measurement.

Watch the video to see step by step how to check the gauge and cell feedthrough.

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1) To test the measuring tap, you can connect an 8mm hose for convenience. Blow through the hose and feel that it is not blocking air. If the air can be blown through it smoothly, it means that the measuring tap is properly opened. Then close the measuring tap properly again and then test again whether it closes properly if no air can be blown through, this means that it closes correctly.

2) The cell feedthrough is used during gas tightness testing of your cell. It is important that it is hermetically closed when it is screwed on the fitting correctly. You can easily check this by unscrewing the cap and checking that the rubber in the cap has no cracks or any other signs of damage. If the rubber shows no signs of damage, you can almost always assume that it will seal properly.



  • 8 mm hose 

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