Perform pressure test on a CO2 adsorber


If the oxygen levels in your cold stores are increasing or not falling properly and it is suspected that the adsorber is inserting oxygen during a scrub action, this can be checked by pressure testing the adsorber. This can be used to check whether the valves in the CO2 adsorber, on the cold stores and the connected pipework are still gas-tight.

Watch the video to see step-by-step how to pressure test and solve the alarm.

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1) Make sure you set the scrubber mode of your adsorber to inactive. Or that the CO2 adsorber has been switched off by means of the main switch.

2) Use a digital pressure gauge or turn the named tools into a water column differential pressure gauge.

3) Disconnect the compressed air from the CO2 adsorber so that the compressed air lines are without pressure.

4) Using the 8mm hose and T-piece, connect the compressed air to the regeneration or adsorbing tap.

5) Reconnect the compressed air and pressurize the compressed air lines again, and open adsober valve 5 on the valve block.

6) Slowly pressurize the pipework and check that the system does not lose pressure.

7) Make sure that the scrubber mode on your adsorber is set to active again or the main switch is turned on again after running the test.



  • Digital pressure gauge


  • 8 mm tube transparent (about 2 meters)
  • 3x 8 mm tube (40 cm)
  • 4x cable tie
  • 8 mm T connector
  • (optional) 8 mm tap
  • marker
  • timer
  • water

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