VPSA- Thermal vacuum pump alarm


When your VPSA (N2 generator) indicates a thermal vacuum pump alarm, this may mean that more power is being consumed than allowed. This can happen when, for example, there is (temporarily) a power phase missing or whether there is too little oil left in the vacuum pump.

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1) If your VPSA indicates a thermal vacuum pump alarm, first check if the incoming voltage is still correct and then the voltage on the vacuum pump.

2) Then you can check the oil level of the vacuum pump at the bottom of your VPSA. If the oil level is about half way up the glass, it means the oil level is correct. If not, top up the oil level with the appropriate oil.

Pay attention! only use Anderol 555.

3) When everything is correct, you can open the control cabinet on your VPSA to reset the VPSA. You can do this by pressing the blue button on the thermal package under the motor relay of the vacuum pump until you hear a click. You can find this at the bottom right of the control cabinet under the sticker V-PUMP.

4) Close the cabinet and reset the alarm on your screen by following the steps below (F1> 2x ESC> F1)




  • Oil (Anderol 555) if needed

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