VPSA - Thermal blower alarm


If your VPSA indicates a thermal alarm, this may mean that more power is being drawn than normal. This can happen when, for example, there is (temporarily) a power phase missing or the rotor blades of the blower are jammed.

Watch the video to see step-by-step how to solve the alarm.

If you still have questions after watching the video or if you cannot solve the problem yourself using these instructions, please contact your installer.


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1) First solve the alarm

2) Open the control cabinet and press the blue button on the thermal pack under the motor relay of the blower. This can be found at the bottom right under the motor relay with the sticker BLOWER indicated above it. Press the button until you hear a click and the alarm is reset.

3) Close the cabinet and reset the alarm on your screen by following the steps below (F1 > 2x ESC > F1)

Pay attention! When your system is controlled via an external system such as My Fruit, your VPSA is set to external mode. The screen will then light up yellow and indicate “external stop” as a warning. Then press F1 again to put the system into “external idle” and the screen will turn white again. Your system will now be able to be controlled again via an external system.



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